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Fleck Tree Services, a Cleveland-based tree cutting company, has been taking care of our community and its trees for years.

What do we do?

Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

Our full tree service can safely remove trees that are dead, diseased, damaged, or pose a safety hazard. This involves cutting down the tree and removing the debris. Our tree removal service does not include stump removal.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

We can prune and trim trees to improve their health, shape, and appearance. This includes removing dead or overhanging branches, thinning the tree's canopy, and shaping it according to the desired aesthetic.

Emergency Tree Services

In the event of storms, strong winds, or other emergencies, we are equipped to respond quickly and remove fallen or hazardous trees, branches, or debris that may pose risks to people or property.

Tree Planting

We can assist with tree selection, proper planting techniques, and post-planting care to ensure the successful establishment of new trees. Wemay also provide advice on suitable tree species for specific locations and purposes.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Fleck Tree Services has partnered with a local stump grinder company to provide stump grinding services. We do not include removal of any tree stump with our tree removal services. All stump removals will be quoted separately.

Consulting and Advice

Fleck Tree Services offers consultation services to homeowners, businesses, or municipalities. We can provide expert advice on tree care, maintenance, tree selection, landscaping plans, and any other tree-related concerns.

Why Us?

We believe trees are a remarkable resource that should be managed responsibly to make a range of products.

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Why Us?

We provide contract logging, felling, and timber cruising, as well as other related services such as firewood sales.

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Woodson is driven by a passion for healthy, sustainable, and thriving forests, land, and ecosystems through cleaning up and clearing forests and land of dead and sick trees, hazardous brush, and other fire and environmental hazards.

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Production and trade in forest products

We offer full-service forest management covering the entire logging process from end to end, starting with setting up the harvest unit and finding a logger all the way through reforestation.

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